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Procurement Lead

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Authorities & Responsibilities:

  • Oversees overall activities in the procurement department and acts as a point of contact between the company and suppliers
  • Identify potential suppliers based on sales or project requirements.
  • Source, bid, select, and negotiate contracts, terms and deadlines for the best purchase package in terms of quality, price, terms, deliveries and services with vendors and suppliers.
  • Develops and manages relationships with national/regional suppliers and contractors and leads in contract negotiations.
  • Schedule supplier/store visits and conduct competitor surveys.
  • Manages the supplier/contractor certification process including review of requisite experience, legal and organizational structure, financial viability, geographic coverage, insurance requirements and other capabilities.
  • Validates & maintain complete updated purchasing records/data and pricing in the system.
  • Monitor and update relevant departments regarding price fluctuations of goods and vendor pricing
  • Manage an efficient flow of goods to ensure optimum production
  • Responsible for the preparation and process purchase orders and documents in accordance with company policies and procedures.
  • Work closely with the concerned departments to ensure contract terms are favorable to the company
  • Attend meetings with the concerned departments, vendors and suppliers
  • Coordinate with user departments and suppliers in the purchasing scope of work for projects assigned.
  • Managing and following up overseas orders.
  • Ensure proper supplier performance rating based on quality, price, and delivery.
  • Plan and manage inventory levels of materials or products.

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Carmona Cavite Cavite 4116
05/31/2024 08:26:18

HR Manager

1 open positions

Authorities & Responsibilities:

1. Job Evaluation

  • Conduct comprehensive job evaluations to determine the roles, responsibilities, and required qualifications for each position within the organization.

  • Develop and maintain job descriptions that accurately reflect the duties and requirements of each job.

  • Establish clear job grading and salary structures based on job evaluations to ensure internal equity and competitiveness in the market.

  1. Talent Acquisition and Retention

  • Lead the recruitment and selection process, including sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, and making hiring decisions.

  • Develop effective strategies for attracting and retaining top talent.

  • Build relationships with external recruitment agencies and job boards to ensure a diverse pool of qualified candidates.

  • Implement employee retention programs, including career development initiatives and succession planning.

3. Training and Development

  • Conduct training needs assessments to identify skills gaps and training priorities across the organization.

  • Partner with internal subject matter experts or external training providers to design and deliver customized training programs.

  • Implement mentorship and coaching programs to support employee development and career advancement.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training initiatives through feedback mechanisms, performance metrics, and post-training evaluations.

4. Performance Management

  • Establish and oversee a performance management system that aligns individual performance with organizational goals and objectives.

  • Develop performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure employee performance and productivity.

  • Conduct regular performance evaluations, provide constructive feedback, and collaborate with managers to set performance goals and development plans for employees.

5. HR Policies and Compliance

  • Develop, implement, and ensure compliance with HR policies, procedures, and guidelines in adherence to local labor laws.

  • Stay abreast of changes in employment laws and regulations and ensure that HR practices are aligned with legal requirements. 

  • Provide training and support to managers and employees on HR policies and procedures.

Lot 7 Block 7 Peoples Technology Complex
Carmona Cavite Cavite 4116
05/31/2024 08:12:10

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